I daren’t say it for fear of cursing it, but neck seems to be improving so much. Pain has very almost dissipated now just being left with pins and needles in affected arm when nerve is pinched, this I can deal with a LOT better. Still will assess over coming five days and after I remove the kinesiology tape and go and see dr if still symptomatic but atleast I’m able to live fairly normally again.

DS a lot better though has now got a streaming nose and still has his barking cough which is effected by temperature changes (as is mine), not ideal when it’s so blooming cold at the moment. Also causing him to cough himself awake at night which is grating on OH nerves as this means DS ends up in bed with us by 2am. I won’t moan about his terribly poor bedside manner yet again.

I’ve been suffering with growing pains in my tummy today, skin amazes me in so many ways, but especially during pregnancy… it really is tested to its limits and pretty much returns to normal afterwards though I’ll be extremely lucky if I escape stretch marks again this time round, considering the size I’m getting.

Something OH likes to point out on a daily basis, especially when he’s sees me eating. Today he relished in comparing me to someone who is due ten days before us and remarked that I was getting ‘too big’ as she was sooooooo much smaller than me (I’ll point out that yes she is, but not hugely so, plus she’s a very slight girl anyway). Then, due to a massive sugar crash in our new B&M store and my desperate need for sugar before an imminent collapse led me to buying and eating some haribos, him shaming me in public about the consumption saying that this was the reason I was so big. Yeah, thanks for that!!! He actually said he was saying this because he knows how upset I’ll be when I try and lose the weight after Peanut arrives. So upsetting me know and shaming me is going to make me feel better is it? Fuck off!!!! 

I actually don’t think I’ve put on large quantities of fat but yes, my baby bump is bigger this time round, but also baby is measuring bigger. Really could do without the body shaming right now. I’d like to see him cope! 

I think I shall start body shaming him and see how he likes it.

Has put a real downer on a reasonable weekend, I’ll be glad to get away next week.

68 days to go


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