Wow, the big 3-0!!!! There’s something really exciting about reaching 30 Weeks where we are concerned. 30 Weeks was the point when we say we could start buying things without superstitious hang ups about perhaps cursing the pregnancy in someway. It was at 30 Weeks exactly, with DS, that I ordered his travel system. What an exciting day that was (after weeks of research… who knew there were so many bloody prams out there?). 

This time round though I don’t know what to buy, I don’t really have to buy anything but I want to mark this milestone with something. We kept everything from when DS was a baby so all the big, obvious things we already have; Moses baskets, blankets, bedding, muslins, swaddling blankets, travel systems, yadda yadda yadda. I find myself browsing the internet looking for stuff to buy but don’t have any clue as to anything we actually need. It’s made all the more difficult not knowing the gender, because if it’s a boy then we really won’t need anything much for a long time, but if it’s a girl then that’s an entire new wardrobe I could be filling right now. 

I think I might hunt out the newborn and 0-3 clothing bag and start washing them to mark the occasion as we kept everything I loved from DS and most of the newborn stuff was unisex. After I’ve done that I suppose I’ll have more of an idea as to what we actually need. Not that a newborn really ‘needs’ anything except nappies, sleepsuits and love.

Love! Now there’s something I’ve been thinking about this week. It came to the fore whilst nursing DS this week through his Scarlet Fever… I mean how on earth can I be capable of loving another human being as much as I love this little person already in my life. My heart explodes every time I look at him (don’t get me wrong, when he’s being a complete arsehole I don’t particularly like him very much, but I still love the very bones of him). How can my heart hold that intense emotion for another child? I have no idea but I really can’t wait to give it a go.


Photo Credit: BabyCentre

This week Peanut ‘officially’ (MW on Tuesday so we’ll see how it’s measuring up then) weighs about 3Ib and measures about 42cm in length. Vegetable comparison of the week is a cabbage!

From here on in it’ll be putting on about half a pound per week for the next seven weeks.

Peanut’s brain is growing at a rate of knots now too. Until now, its surface was smooth but now it is taking on the characteristic grooves and indentations. Why? Because those folds allow for an increased amount of brain tissue a necessary change as it prepares to develop for life outside your womb.

Now that baby’s brain and new fat cells are regulating body temperature, the soft, downy hair that has been covering Peanuts body, the lanugo, is beginning to disappear. 

Another massive change at 30 weeks is that Peanut’s bone marrow has completely taken over production of red blood cells.


Despite winter lurgies still cursing the household, I feel ok.

I suppose the biggest change this week happened two days ago when DS finally told me my milk has changed and he hasn’t nursed since. A sad day for both of us but the end happened as it should, as I had planned, as I had wanted it to, that it was his decision. It’s something that I’ve also been preparing for, and waiting for so it wasn’t such a shock though I wish it hadn’t happened whilst he’s still feeling under the weather.

I’ve had a lot of (TMI ALERT) discharge this week which I’ll mention to the MW on Tuesday, I’m not worried, it’s healthy looking and odourless I just can’t remember having so much with DS.

I’m finding it more and more difficult to get up from sitting and getting up from the floor is an hilarious debacle to watch, as DS remarks on a daily basis.

Still free from hip and joint pain though my pelvic floor has got something to be desired. I pretty much pee myself every time I have a coughing fit at the moment so I’ve stepped up my kegel exercises in a bid to reverse any damage.

Went to the osteopath today who has hammered my neck so feel I’ve taken a step back where that is concerned, I’m hoping I haven’t made a mistake in going again, time will tell I suppose.

Photo Credit: BabyCentre

70 days to go


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