Woke at 2am with my first bout of indigestion. Not fun. Thank god I had some Rennies in the medicine box. Last time I have pizza for tea!

Neck didn’t wake me up once though so there’s progress.

Mental day today, Air Extreme Mini Air session started at 9 this morning then stopped at The Milky Way Little Stars on the way back home for a play date with DS’ bestie. We must be mad. On a positive I wasn’t allowed on the floor at Air Extreme so got to enjoy a couple of cups of tea in peace and  at softplay DS pretty much did his own thing with M with some tag team supervision by the three parents.

All in all a good day of family fun with with little in the way of parental fallouts. Though toddler tantrums did push it to the limit. I really have no idea why DS plays up so much at weekends. He’s as good as gold when it’s just the two of us, so frustrating.

Peanut has been doing some crazy moves today, real slow stretched out turns that are getting more and more uncomfortable the bigger it gets but somehow it’s great at the same time. This evening I even felt a little foot pushing out from above my naval and I could actually feel it’s shape with my hand (well it was either a heel or a knee). The weirdest thing. Ever.

I’m in love.

69 days to go 


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