Hallelujah!!! DS slept from 1900 until 0715 without one single wake up. Not ONE!!!!! This is a first and so much needed. I only woke once with my neck, got up and massaged it out with my yoga block and went back to bed. I feel revitalised.

Coughs and colds are still firmly in situ but hopefully we’re getting there.

We even got out today, music group and softplay so DS is full of it now, he didn’t even fall asleep in the car on our return so all is good in the world.

Peanut is on a mission within and has been bouncing around all day.

Neck is tonnes better and only left with tingling in my arm which appear to be related to the knot that’s reappeared behind my shoulder blade, managed to push buggy today with only mild pain. Osteopath tomorrow so hopefully she can sort it out once and for all. That’d be nice. I really need to get back to my yoga before I get to cumbersome. 

71 days to go 


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