Terrible night with DS last night. Despite having the entire bed to ourselves he managed to take over it all, in all different directions. Kicking, squirming, calling out, coughing, shouting, walloping, crying, flopping, all in all my Fitbit sleep activity made for very sad reading this morning and my neck has suffered as my arm and shoulder are screaming because of it. 

Despite the terrible night his temperature this morning was a nice healthy green 37.6 which is a blessing and it’s remained normal pretty much all day. Hallelujah!

Peanut has been super active today which has been reassuring after yesterday afternoon’s lull.

I’ve had my yoga blocks out today and been stretching my back and massaging my shoulder blade at the same time and it’s eased some of the pain. My arm still locks up when I’m pushing the pram though but all in all the day has passed with a lot less pain involved. 

On a very sad note it would appear my milk has dried up finally, or atleast reverted to colostrum. DS has totally gone off it, saying it tastes different and is making him feel sick. Now this could be down to his strep threat but I have my doubts. We both had a little cry about it this afternoon and he picked his head off my boob afterwards and said “After baby comes I have some more?”. Bless his heart. It’s been an amazing 3 years and 3 months, something I’m so proud I achieved without combining or pumping. It’s an end of an era and my hormones meant I’ve struggled with it.

72 days to go


2 thoughts on “29 Weeks + 5

    1. I knew it was coming, and soon but I didn’t realise how upsetting it would be. I blame hormones. I just feel, especially now he’s poorly, that my body is letting him down when he needs it the most. Silly I know, like I said… hormones lol x


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