Much better night with DS last night and a temperature of 38 before Calpol, result!!! He’s obviously still unwell but he is playing and that’s the main thing.

8.10 saw me at the bowling green for my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test)… oh my word, that was disgusting. It was like drinking a pint of warm liquid icing. I felt sick within 2 minutes. Instructions were to go home and put feet up (with a toddler, that’s a laugh) and no food or drink (barring sips of water) until my follow up bloods at 1010. It would appear Peanut loves the sugar content in my blood because it hasn’t stopped gyrating since it obviously felt the hit!

Roll on two hours and I had my second bloods done. The rest of the day has been spent snuggled with my poorly boy on the sofa trying to make him feel better and not worry that Peanut seemed to fall into a sugar coma as has been quiet nearly all afternoon (don’t worry, I checked in with the Doppler 😉 )

MW rang late this afternoon, informing me that I needed a GTT as she had received a letter from North Devon Hospital, she didn’t even mention the letter my consultant, from Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, sent her over a week ago. Feck me, communication is shocking in that office, I wouldn’t mind but there’re only two bloody midwives in it!

Anyway, I’m now off to bed to try and get some shut eye amidst mine, and DS’ coughing fits. OH away which means we get the whole bed … I can hear my neck and arm rejoice at this realisation.

73 days to go


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