Just a quick one today. Terrible night with DS last night, temp of 40, vomiting and temp not wanting to lower even after Calpol.

Cancelled school, such a shame as the trip that was arranged for today would have been a really positive association for him but he still was 40 this morning.

Doctor diagnosed Scarlet Fever which means antibiotics. Managed to get first dose in him with just some tears, now he won’t have it EVER again. Have ended up mixing  half of it with weetabix (despite the act it should be given in an empty stomach) and the other half with is dose of Calpol. I figure something is better than nothing, his immune system can do the rest.

Poor little soul is still burning up and is now covered with the rash. 

Hate him being ill, I wish I could take it for him 😦

Got some gel for Doppler today so checked in on Peanut whilst DS napped. Not that I need to considering the twists and turns it’s doing in there.

GTT tomorrow … eek

74 days to go


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