I’m pleased to announce I can now sleep with pillows under my head again, granted I’m in a weird foetal like position concerning my head and arms but it does mean that I’m getting more unbroken sleep. Osteopath on Monday and going to see Dr and get on the NHS referral train later in the week as although I’m LOADS better, I’m still in quite a bit of pain, especially when walking and pushing a buggy… not ideal when I’ve got a baby due.

Sinuses are clearing slightly, nothing a couple of paracetamol and lots of ‘blowing’ can’t sort out anyway.

It really was a truly horrible day yesterday with neck, sinuses and another major barny in the FH household along with DS saying he hated me, due to him wanting to spend time with his much absent dad and the latter finding every excuse not to, so it’s me that was in the wrong… go figure. Anyway, this was not received well in my hormonal, pained and sickly state… ended up walking one of my old runs to clear my head and felt a lot more at peace with myself afterwards, even though I had to stop and pee in fields a couple of times, a feat in itself at my size.

As for Peanut I was only remarking yesterday how it’s movements, though not lessened in frequency, had lessened in intensity. I’m now eating my words after it’s exploits today. I swear it’s totally turning in there but because there’s less room the sensations are quite intense, almost verging on painful. Can’t wait to meet the little dude/dudette now.

I’m having one of those days where I really wish I knew what gender it is. I’ve been online ‘window shopping’ and have seen the most adorable outfits but they are so gender specific I’ve had to pass them by. I’m finding that neutral baby stuff is few and far between at the moment, luckily I’ve got tonnes from when DS was born but really wanted Peanut to have a new ‘going home’ outfit, though I have seen this gorgeous set from Jojo Maman Bebe which I’ve got waiting in the basket for me to but when I hit 30 Weeks. Superstitiously I don’t want to buy anything until 30 Weeks, I have no idea why but I’m rolling with it. Now with growth scares I don’t know which size to buy, Newborn or 0-3… decisions!

Another one of my mummy friends has announced they’re pregnant and due in June, so exciting. The baby group is going to be full of the same faces as when DS was a baby, can’t wait.

Been thinking a lot about antenatal classes and whether I’ll bother this time round. They don’t invite you when it’s your second but you can still book and am thinking I may give it a bash, if only to meet more people who will have a baby of a similar age. Can’t hurt I suppose.

75 days to go


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