Only 11 weeks to go until my due date. I scarcely believe it, despite fast not being able to see my feet or get out of a chair with any finesse.

Woke up feeling slightly better today, still coughing and sinuses still sore but better.

DS’ drop off at school was as hellish as usual, though as I got to the school gate a member of staff had rushed out to tell me he had stopped crying and was happily playing already, the fastest yet. Light at the end of the tunnel? I do hope so. On pick up he was full of it and even managed to observe him through the window whilst he played which was heart warming. He did however come home sans underwear after wetting them whilst on the toilet. No pants and no mention from playleader on pick up which I’m a little miffed about. Will have a word on Monday.  


Photo Credit: Babycenter

This week Peanut, officially speaking, is about 16″ in length and weighs approximately 2.7Ibs (though scan last week said it was 3 so maybe 3.7Ibs this week?). This is approximately the size of a butternut squash.

This week Peanut’s brain has developed enough to be able to regulate it’s body temperature and continues to lay down fat so is looking more and more like a full term baby as time passes. Brain growth requires more than half the energy used and by the time it’s full term the brain will have created billions of neurons.

Bones are continuing to harden, but will remain soft enough to survive birth, and store iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Sexual organs are now well developed and are producing hormones.

Photo credit: BabyCenter


Despite my continuing lurgy I actually feel pretty good, pregnancy wise. Despite cold I don’t feel tired but am going to bed earlier than usual, though I am maybe a lot more breathless especially when pushing DS’ buggy up a hill. 

No aches or pains in hips or legs though still suffer cramps in calves occasionally when I stretch in bed at night, I have upped my potassium intake so maybe this explains the reduction in frequency. 

DS still says I’m producing milk from my working boob so no change there though I have read somewhere (forget where) that now baby is producing hormones of it’s own it should start affecting my milk production so we will see what happens.

Finding my pelvic floor is greatly weakened this week (a discovery made thanks to this incessant coughing) so am frantically doing my exercises to strengthen said muscles.

Cravings still include EVERYTHING sweet and I am desperately trying to curb these as I really don’t want to regret the weight gain after Peanut is born, I gained loads after DS was born and didn’t want to start off the process during pregnancy too.

I am feeling extremely hefty which isn’t great but as long as Peanut is growing healthily then that’s good enough reasoning for me.

I’m not particularly enjoying being pregnant at the moment, I loved every minute with DS but then it was a summer pregnancy so I was pretty much lurgy free. I seem to have been ill through the entire process this time. I’ve gone from morning sickness unwell seemlessly into winter viruses which I seem to have caught on a back to back basis and adding in my trapped nerve have felt a complete wreck. Now neck is on the mend I hope the viruses will do one and I’ll get to ‘enjoy’ these last 11 weeks… here’s to feeling hopeful.

All that being said, it’ll all be worth it in the end and I’ll probably look back on all of this through rose tinted glasses and it’ll all be a distant memory.

77 days to go


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