Woke up feeling shocking. DS had a terrible night, after not settling until 2130, and ended up awake at 5. Ended up giving him the iPad and going back to sleep for an hour. I’m such a bad parent!!!

Got up and took two paracetamols, which always guilt trips me when I’m pregnant, but they seemed to do the trick. I sit here now at 2100 and don’t feel half as bad as I did last night or this morning. I can even cough now without feeling like I’m tearing something inside, this is good seeing as the cough has ramped up a gear.

Have had a good day with DS, music group followed by lunch out and a play date with friends so all in all a good day.

I find myself, currently, not enjoying this pregnancy at all. Worry aside, I’ve never been so unwell nor unfit and wonder when I’m going to be fixed, it seems like an never ending stream of something. DS’ pregnancy was lovely, barring a bout of gastric flu at 10 Weeks I sailed through it without a sniffle, ache or pain and I looked forward to another lovely experience this time round. If I don’t recover soon, instead of fighting my induction I may be begging them to get Peanut out by 38 Weeks and that’s so sad.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m whinging, I am grateful for being pregnant, it’s just so different to DS’ that it’s taken me by surprise a little bit, on top of all the usual worry I’m now finding myself dealing with more simply because I feel so unwell.

At the end of the day Peanut continues to be super active which is so comforting and with every single punch or kick I tell myself it’s all worth it and my anxieties lessen a little.

I can scarcely believe that I’m 29 Weeks tomorrow, only 11 weeks to go until my official due date. I never thought I’d get to 12, let alone here. With any luck the last 11 weeks will pass without more illness, what are the chances?

78 days to go.


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