Woke up with the worst headache which sent me into a google search panic for preeclampsia. I swear to god just lately I’ve turned into a right hypochondriac. You may think this an odd reaction but I really don’t suffer from headaches, unless they are alcohol related. 

As the day wore on though and a pain developed under my eye and in my jaw I realise that perhaps I have a small sinus infection. Painful, but less worrying. Will see how it is tomorrow. 

Honestly, this pregnancy has not been a barrel of laughs so far. I enjoyed every minute with DS but then I didn’t get sick so that probably helped. At this rate I’ll be begging them to induce me at 38 Weeks, not fighting it.

I feel like I’m falling apart. Not helped by not being able to take any meds for it so it’s taking so much longer to get over.

I have managed to book my GTT which is next Tuesday, should be fun, and enjoyed a nice morning with DS before the rain set in this afternoon.

Still have my cough but have realised that it hurts worse when my tummy is full so until it clears up I’m eating little and often to enable me to cough without thinking my stomach is going to be torn out.

Neck is miles better, thank god. Now to get rid of this cold and I might be able to get back on track.

Meanwhile Peanut remains oblivious to my turmoil and continues it’s daily dance recitals.

79 days to go


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