School day hell.

DS sobbed from the moment I mentioned it until the moment I left him there sobbing in the arms of Miss Brown. I bloody hate this. It did however turn out to be ‘his most successful session yet’ according to Miss White on pick up so we’ll see how Friday goes. In fact when we drive past the school he waved saying ‘Bye bye school, see you next time’ which I thought was positive, until he got home and said he wasn’t going again.

We’re also tossing around the idea of him going on a Tuesday afternoon, instead of Friday so there isn’t such a long gap but we’ll see. It just means he won’t finish until 5.30 and I think that’s just too late.

I set his drum kit up for him as a treat when he got home which was a hit.

More blood this morning but teeny tiny bit. I’m thinking it’s from a cut inside my vulva (TMI, sorry) than cervical but I’ll be happier when I determine for definite that’s the case. OH may get lucky later and get to ferret around down there to have a look.

Coughing still hurts like crazy and can’t wait for it to dissipate so my abdominal muscles can heal. I feel like a complete wreck. A hefty one at that.

81 days to go


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