So we got to hospital for our 28 week growth scan this morning and all was well. Baby growing well, placental blood flow good. Sonographer a bit marsh and no photos but all in all, tickity boo… until I went to empty my bladder after scan and before ANC. 


Not lots, just spots of blood, no smearing when wiping but blood all the same.

I don’t mention it to OH as would know this would send him into a frenzy in the waiting room. 

Go to the toilet again. Still spots. Get my blood pressure and pee monitored and mention it to her who just told me to tell consultant.

Visit toilet again, nothing.

See consultant, a lady this time, tell consultant (and OH at same time… my bad) about blood who arranges for me to go up to the Maternity triage unit.

Rest of consultant appt was fine, though she said baby is on the 90th centile due to the scan measurements so wants me to arrange a diabetes screen to be in the safe side. I’ll do this at home. 

Nothing about induction mentioned. I’m too preoccupied at the moment to even think about the questions I was going to ask.

Book 35 week growth scan and ANC then trot up to Maternity Triage. This has atleast all happened quite quickly, we’ve only been here 40 minutes at this point.

Get put on monitor and told they’ll have to do bloods, order Anti-D and get a doctor to do a speculum examination.

Wait half hour.

Doctor (female) and student doctor (male, 5th year) arrive (they look like children). Examination good. Cervix is long and closed and no evidence of blood. Bit of discharge but nothing abnormal.

Massive relief.

Now waiting for midwife to take me off monitor (she’s only been back working in a hospital a short time and wants someone more experienced to check monitor trace). They check and want to leave me on longer. 

Why? I want to scream. What’s wrong?

Peanut meanwhile is happily dancing the morning away and reckon that’s why heartrate is fluctuating (between 130 and 160) so much, although this is pure lay man guess work.

We’ve now been here 2 and a half hours and DS is starting to get bored which means OH is losing the plot. Honestly, as if I need anymore stress, why can he not just man up and deal with it. Do I really need to tell him how to entertain his own son. Take him for a walk. But no, he goes and sits in the van, that’ll keep him entertained! Give me strength!

I need to pee.

Will update later…


3 thoughts on “Blood

  1. Ohhhhhhh, I hate the sight of blood during any and all points of pregnancy!! So sorry for the stress. 😦 Glad it looks like everything’s fine, though!


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