After 5.5 hours we were allowed to go home.

Concerns were being raised over Peanut’s heartrate, which kept dipping. Trouble being it was being so active that the monitor kept losing the trace which I kept saying. In the end the midwife stayed for twenty minutes after giving me my Anti-D (Jesus that hurts, and WHY did I opt to have it in my nerve affected arm? It now throbs four times as badly as it did before). She finally realised that actually Peanut was being a pest and kept moving away from the monitor so after discussing with the lead midwife it was determined they were happy enough to send us home.

Oh the relief.

Now of course I’m on high alert blood watch and won’t rest forEVER!!!

It doesn’t help that I have a stinking cold and have been coughing so much my upper stomach hurts. Now I daren’t cough.

Stress, stress, stress. I just want things to be fixed. Neck, cold and relationship. It all sucks right now *hurumpff*


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