What a stressful day. Read more about that here and here but we’re back home now dealing with the usual day to day stuff that a family of colds have to offer. Namely short tempers, tantrums and arguments (and that’s just the OH 😉).


Peanut, according to today’s scan, weighs 3Ib and is apparently 28cm in length putting it on the 90th centile. Now if it hadn’t been for DS being born at 7Ib 8oz after being told from scans he was going to be a whopper, I’d panic, but I’m not. However I do have to have a diabetes test just to remove that doubt from the specialists minds. Will be interesting to see how ‘big’ the midwife measures it in at when I see her next.

Peanut can now blink it’s eyes, which now have eyelashes. Eyesight is fast developing and billions of neurons in it’s brain are forming. Some studies show that Peanut may now be able to differentiate between voices which is just mind boggling. Meanwhile more and more body fat is being laid down in preparation for life on the outside… but not quite yet please Peanut, stay safe and snug in there a little longer please.

If Peanut is a boy the testes are now migrating into the scrotum. Should it be a girl, the clitoris is now forming.

Peanut was head down today and the midwife let me feel it’s tiny heel which was lying just under my rib cage, very bizarre and was met with a swift ‘gerroff’ kick which made us both laugh in a stressful situation.


Well barring my trapped nerve, a stinking cold and today’s drama I’m doing ok (amazingly). My moods seem to have settled though my tolerance levels remain at an all time low.

Peanut is head down meaning I’m getting regular kicks in my ribcage and may go someway to explain why my diaphragm is aching so much with each cough. 

I’ll be glad when all aches and pains dissipate, might make me relax a bit more.

Here’s this week’s comparison shot…

Left: 28 Weeks with DS, Right: Today

84 days to go


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