I saw the oseteopath today. What a lovely lady. Very bohemian, as they always seem to be, so was very warm and welcoming and felt really at home, in her home. Straight away she diagnosed a trapped nerve and pinpointed where it was before getting to work. After an hour of rather uncomfortable treatment and getting strapped up with therapy tape I left feeling very achy and tender. 

As the day has progressed, I daren’t even say it, I think I have noticed an improvement. Even settling DS this evening I managed to lie on my right side to feed without having to readjust a million times. Tonight will be the teller though. She said I need to ice it twice a day and eat lots of curry (turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory which I was unaware of) and if it doesn’t improve I need to see Dr and get an MRI booked to pinpoint the problem. She doesn’t seem to think it’s a major disc compression as my reflexes are strong in my affected arm and says most of the time compression nerve entrapment will fix themselves within 6 weeks. So fingers crossed, I’m hoping I’ll be demanding she’s sainted tomorrow!

Now to get rid of this cold, Peanut is making coughing so much a very uncomfortable affair and the sneezing is going to put my lower back out soon.

Oh I’m having a joyous time of late. Atleast I have tomorrow to look forward to, well the scan atleast. We’ll see what gems the consultant will come up with afterwards.

Must remember to take a pee sample. Now where the heck did I put that sample tube?

Scan tomorrow 🎉🎉

85 days to go


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