I actually managed to sleep lying down last night! Granted I only had two positions to choose from and when I moved out of them I woke up with a searing pain in my neck and shoulder but the relief of a fairly decent night’s sleep was incredible. DS only woke once too so all in all a very good night. 

Woke up very stiff and thought, for a moment there, that all was not well. As the morning went on however, I realised all muscular aches and pains in my shoulder, back and neck have now subsided leaving just the searing ache from the trapped nerve to contend with. This I can just about cope with, no tears today which is a massive positive. 

Osteopath tomorrow so no doubt will have a few days aching after that but really, truly hope she can rectify this problem. 

In a way it’s been a blessing that DS has been unwell too as he hasn’t been bugging me to go out and has been easily entertained with films and YouTube and even napped a couple of times which has meant I’ve had some reprieve. Lazy parenting I know and I do feel immensely guilty about it but I really have had no option of late. I’m hoping with each day I’ll feel stronger and really hoping that this trapped nerve and dropped shoulder is easily ‘fixed’.

As for Peanut, he/she continues to beat me up from the inside so all is well there and I’m super excited to see them again on Friday, I’ve been so preoccupied with everything else that it’s come round so quickly.

Here’s to tomorrow being a brand new day.

2 days until scan 

86 days to go


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