Worst night ever last night. Ended up taking a codeine in the hope it’d allow me the luxury of lying down, but it didn’t. I had to sleep propped up in bed then I started to feel immensely sick (codeine?!), still in pain then Peanut started booting me, it continued in this vein until I gave up, got up and got myself comfortable on the sofa at 1am where I eventually fell asleep sitting up for a couple of hours.

Have now spoken to an osteopath who says it sounds to her like a trapped nerve but doesn’t want to see me until the work the physio did yesterday has settled down as she said I’d be too battered afterwards… sounds like something to look forward to. She also told me to remove the heat packs I’ve had continually since yesterday, and replace them with ice packs twice a day for 20 minutes a time. I’ll do anything right now if it helps.

I have atleast managed to find a lying down position that is comfortable enough to encourage sleep so will be heading to bed early tonight. OH away so I can hog the bed (until DS invades but atleast he snugs into me).

As much as I love the activity of Peanut I do hope it sleeps tonight and boots me all day tomorrow.

3 days until scan

87 days to go


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