Terrible night again, both with DS and his stinking cold and me and my back. I couldn’t lie down and couldn’t sit up either, I really despaired until I took a codeine anyway. Atleast that way I got 3 hours sleep propped up in bed.

Went to physio today who said it’s definitely moved and worked on my neck, she did say it looked like I may have a pinched nerve but there was an awful lot of tense muscle too so worked that out, at the expense of my dignity as I sobbed on the couch.

Thankfully, although VERY sore currently I do believe it’s a little looser so I’m praying she’s sorted it else she said I need to see doctor and have further investigations… not what I need right now so cross your fingers for me please.

Peanut continues to perform River Dance on a pretty much hourly basis and makes DS giggle whenever he gets booted by it. Had to keep DS off school again today thanks to a fever last night, at this rate he’ll forget what it is. 

Requested a ring back from my dr about the codeine to put OH’s mind at rest, all is well. Dr said a tablet at night in the short term is absolutely ok, only prolonged use may cause opioid withdrawal at birth. I bloody hate taking mess at the best of times and feel dreadful for taking this now but I really need the relief and because I never take meds 1 tablet really does hit the spot so there’s something positive.

Just hope I wake up tomorrow feeling less sore
4 days until scan

88 days to go


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