So it would appear I did do my shoulder more damage yesterday. Barely 3 hours sleep last night and in agony this morning. I really could cry. Who knew a pulled muscle could cause this much pain? 

DS has now developed a stinking cold which meant he ended up in our bed again last night which is fine, except the incessant whinging from OH about it which in turn woke DS up. Why the hell is it that when you have a child your seemingly capable, adult OH turns into a baby themselves? It’s like he’s competing for attention, well I haven’t the time nor the energy. You’re nearly 45, man the f*^k up.

I fully intend to rest my shoulder as much as possible today, will I get the chance? Probably not, I seem to do more when I have ‘help’ at the weekends than I do when I’m on my own in the week. What’s with that?

A friend gave me a codeine (I only took one as I don’t ‘do’ medication) that she was given in her pregnancy and the relief was incredible. OH has basically treated me like a junkie ever since so to say relations are strained in the household today is an understatement. He basically said I was going to ‘do something’ to harm the baby and yet has done absolutely nothing to ease my pain, or help my fragile state of mind.

5 days until scan

89 days to go


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