Woke up with some relief from shoulder, until DS threw a wobbly in the middle of the road en route to hairdresser, meaning I had to pick him up and BANG! Shoulder pain. I can’t believe it. Hoping it hasn’t set me back because I don’t think I can tolerate much more of this pain.

Peanut has been über busy today and delighted DS when he actually saw all the kicks and turns in a particularly active phase. 

A friend who is 6 days over due popped in with her little girl this morning (we used to work together and had our firsts two weeks apart so the kids are bump buddies) which was lovely. The kids played so well together and she bemoaned her hefty state and the attitude of our midwife. She had to be induced with her first so she asked what spontaneous labour was like and all she got was “you’ll be fine, you’ve been trough it before”. Hardly a source of useful information is she seeing as induced labour is quite different by all accounts. She did put my mind at rest about induced labour though, and even she said it wasn’t as bad as she thought so perhaps I could handle the heat without pain relief if that’s the way I have to go. Still eager for spontaneous labour though, and my birth centre water birth, but we’ll have to wait and see. The main thing is Peanut arrives safely in my arms, fit and healthy.

Been peeing LOADS today but figuring it’s because Peanut is playing footy with my bladder as well as tickling my ribs.

6 days until scan

90 days to go


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