I am now entering the third trimester. I never actually thought it possible the first time, let alone again. There’s some kind of comforting feeling knowing that I’m in the final trimester. Will I relax, probably not but atleast I know that with every passing week the baby’s chance of survival increases should it come early and that’s something to celebrate.

Protocol at DS’ school states that you can’t send your child within 48 hours of any vomiting episode which has meant we’ve had to keep him off today. This, for him, is the best news EVER but now I’m thinking of the knock on effects this will have.


Photo credit: BabyCenter

This week Peanut weighs 2Ib, or thereabouts. Is 14.5 inches long with legs outstretched and is roughly the size of a cauliflower.

Peanut’s eyelashes are now forming and is now starting to open and close it’s eyes.

 Sleeping and waking comes round at regular intervals and with the continuing growth of brain tissue Peanut’s brain is very active now. 

Apparently I should start to feel baby hiccup right about now which was how I kept a check on DS as he wasn’t as active as this little breakdancer. It’ll be interesting to see if Peanut hiccups as much as DS did, or not.

Photo credit: BabyCenter


I’ve noticed I’m getting a lot of leg cramps this week, mainly in my calves and only when I stretch in bed in the evening. They are uncomfortable for a couple of seconds but nothing excruciating. 

My shoulder continues to be a source of abject misery though (and I daren’t say it) I feel that it just *might* be feeling a little less agonising this evening. Fingers crossed. I’ve been stretching it loads, as per the physio’s instruction and manipulating it to keep it moving. It has been far more tolerable today so it’s either on the mend or I’m just hardening up to the pain and accepting it more.

I have a lot of tummy stretching aches today so thinking Peanut is on another growth spurt. I have also been experiencing some groin pain today but can’t guarantee it’s not my leggings digging in so have bitten the bullet and ordered some maternity ones, along with a bargain sale winter maternity coat that I thought I’d missed out on.

My nipples continue to darken and grow (?!) and resemble a rather unattractive and unappetising chocolate pancake. No photos for fear of inducing sickness.

No stretch marks as yet.

Tiredness is definitely setting in again and I’m finding myself hitting a wall and nodding off in the late morning and mid afternoon. 

This week’s comparison shot:

7 days until scan

91 days to go 


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