Had a terrible night with DS last night. Temp of 40, hallucinations and projectile vomiting. Refused to take calpol so had to resort to old Skool techniques to bring his temperature down which meant he didn’t resettle until about 2.30 this morning. Thankfully he slept through until 7am and had a further nap this afternoon. I do hate it when they’re ill and you can’t fix them.

Went to the physio this morning, was going to cancel but DS said he felt OK enough to go and I really needed to. I have been in agony all morning, tot he point of tears and now I feel like I’ve well and truly been put through the wringer. Have been told to rest it (ha, with a toddler) and that it’ll feel bruised for a couple of days but if still painful to go back. At £30 for half an hour I’m truly hoping it is fixed, or atleast better. She seems to think it is more likely muscular than nerve, thank god. So here’s to hoping.

8 days until scan

92 days to go


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