Woke up as usual this morning. A moment of ‘Eureka, it’s fixed itself’, followed quickly by hitter disappointment. The more I think about my neck/shoulder, the more I’m beginning to realise it’s a trapped nerve rather than pulled muscle. I am still going to the physio but Google has been great for finding some stretches to alleviate it. And they work, short term. I look like a complete numpty doing them, but the relief is pure heaven so here’s to me walking around with an arm outstretched and in yeh most bizarre positions. 

It’s been one hell of a day today. Playgroup, followed by Midwife (more about that in a minute), followed by softplay, followed by a race home to tidy the flat for two viewings. I’m exhausted, DS is exhausted and I’ve got a cold developing … winter pregnancies suck.

Had a VERY interesting conversation with another mum at playgroup who it turns out is around my age and had both of hers at similar times to me (40 and 43). She went to term with both and even had a home birth with her second (not that I want that). She just said she put her foot down and refused to listen to them. She educated herself in the signs and symptoms of placenta problems and looked after herself with the aid of her midwife. All is not lost. I think I might try and meet up with her when DS is at school so I can have a proper chat with her and pick her brains.

Midwife went well. Had my bloods done (to check iron levels and for any antibodies that may be present) and my Anti-D injection. My pee and blood pressure were both fine and Peanut is growing normally (not excessively, unlike my stomach) with a nice and strong heartbeat. What more can I want in life? Oh that’s right, for my toddler not to launch his Playmobil pirate down the Midwife’s toilet 🙄

OH away for a couple of nights now (bliss) so hoping for an epic sleep tonight (heaven), wish me luck.

10 days until scan

94 days to go


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