Third day at preschool for DS, not as dreadful as last time but only because I promised I’d sit in the car and wait for him to make him feel better. Felt dreadful about lying but it appeared to work. Have compiled a reward chart so we can collect the stickers he gets from school to work towards a present. Hopefully this will encourage him to want to go.

I’m still on agony with my neck/shoulder and made an appointment with a physio for Friday. Hoping she can sort it, or atleast show me how I can relieve it. Can’t afford it at all but I’m desperate.

Midwife tomorrow for my Anti-D injection and check up which means it’s only 11 days until our next scan. Eep, I can’t wait!!!!

Now what was it I was going to ask midwife? You got it, I have NOOOOOO idea 😂

95 days to go


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