Apologies for that short post yesterday, I really was in too much pain to write much more. The only place I’m comfortable is lying on my side which isn’t conducive with typing on an iPad.

Woke up this morning feeling like I’d lifted a tonne of weights in a gym but free of the nagging ‘toothache’ like feeling, unfortunately this wasn’t to continue and can report that the pain hadn’t eased at all. Think I may have to book in with a physio this week which is a right royal pain in the bank balance. Can’t see any point in seeing Dr as a physio referral is likely to take 4-6 weeks and by that time it would have corrected itself or I’d have gone mad with pain. The NHS is a wonderful thing and I will never bad mouth it but I swear things in Cornwall take twice as long as they ever did in Devon or Dorset.

Peanut is moving like crazy still. In fact when I got into bed last night I swear it felt like it was trying tobbreak out of there. OH actually became concerned and asked is it normal, now this isn’t unusual for OH as his favourite pastime is to think something dreadful is about to occur. However after 45 minutes of womb beating I was beginning to share his opinion. After an hour it settled down and went off to sleep(?) until 4am when it started again. If this is a sign of things to come I better prepare myself for a very testing newborn as opposed to the laid back one I had with DS.

I wonder whether there is any correlation between womb activity and external?! DS wasn’t very active in the womb but he wasn’t a sleeper on the ‘outside’ either. He was however, a very chilled baby and didn’t cry unless there was a good reason. It will be interesting to see.

96 days to go


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