Not such a great night last night, in fact pretty abysmal by all accounts so was absolutely shattered before I even started today (which was 4am, I may add).

I actually thought it’d be me having a bad night last night after the events that were aired in Coronation Street last night. To say that the storyline of Michelle (Kym Marsh) having to give birth to her son at only 23 Weeks Pregnant was harrowing enough. 

Her performance of it was just exceptional! It was so raw you couldn’t help but think it were real. And of course it was, to her. What made it more poignant was the knowledge that the actress, herself, lost her baby boy at 21 Weeks and not only that, the actor who plays her onscreen husband, Steve (Simon Gregson) has suffered 11 miscarriages, with his wife, one also being at 21 Weeks. The sheer agony that Kym Marsh put into the scene you just knew was an agony that she had got from experience and it floored me. I don’t think I’ve sobbed so hard and for so long over a soap before in my life (and I’m a sucker for them). It truly was a remarkable and courageous performance worthy of numerous awards. One that hopefully will raise awareness over baby loss, ITV should be congratulated for not sugar coating it because it is a subject that should never be sugar coated. 

I’ve had my fair share of losses and they were terrible, but the thought of losing a baby at that stage is beyond me and has made me hold Peanut (as much as I can) and DS that little bit more today and has made me feel incredibly lucky.

On a lighter note… DS and I spent the day at a (fairly) local softplay centre today with his bestie. As it’s a half hour drive I intended on getting there for 10am opening and leaving at midday so when DS inevitable fell asleep in the car on the journey home it wouldn’t catastrophically ruin his bedtime. As it happens we stayed until 3 as they were having such an amazing time and it was only when we saw snow falling we decided it best to leave before the darkness fell too. I managed to keep DS awake until 5 miles from home which is when he literally passed out in the car. Luckily it was only a ten minute nap so didn’t affect bedtime at all. Now I’m praying for a good night tonight as it’s school again tomorrow. On my own. Wish me luck.

99 days to go (oooooooh double figures)


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