An amazing night here. DS slept until 5.30 and I didn’t wake up once, although I do wish now I went to bed before 11… always find when OH away I like to stay up later to relish ‘me’ time to the full. 

Not much happening today as had to wait in for EDF to change our broken electric meter (no free lecky anymore 😞) so lots of indoor activities, pirate battles and treasure hunts which was probably a good thing because when we nipped into town later to post the thank you cards, we very nearly got blown away. It really is wild out there today, but atleast it was sunny… as long as the sun is out I can cope with anything.

Peanut has been busy all day, I wonder sometimes whether it ever sleeps and just pray we don’t have another non-sleeper on our hands when it’s born.

Still suffering from tender areas on my stomach and now panicking a little after speaking to a friend who gave birth to her second at 30 weeks after a few weeks of bleeding and then an early labour and placental abruption… she mentioned she had similar pains, though I fear hers were more intense than mine, well I blooming well hope so. Honestly, pregnancy is one long worry that never eases. I’ve banned myself from googling anything and going to just go by Peanuts levels of activity and the size I’m getting. 

Have a MW appointment on the 17th and then another scan on 27th so I’m looking forward to those. 

100 days to go 


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