First day at Pre-School

What a day it’s been!!!! DS managed to sleep until gone 6 again this morning which was wonderful, especially given the importance of today… his first full session at Pre-School.

We’ve kind of been preparing him for it over the weekend but he still didn’t want us to leave him there. I ended up driving down as weather bad and it’s still dark at 7.30 and all the way there he kept saying he didn’t want me to leave him. Then I got him out the car and he clamped himself to me. OH followed in the van as he was going straight to work afterwards and took over the rock role to DS’ limpet.

I very nearly lost it when I saw his peg with his name on, and then again when I had to explain what was in his bag, then again when I had to say goodbye and explained to him about asking Miss B if he needs to use the toilet. All the while he begged us not to go, my heart ached. Thankfully I spotted the treasure chest and Miss B got it down for him and it was full of pirate paraphernalia and there was a pirate ship too so whilst he was absorbed we slipped off, ran out the building and sobbed in the car park.

OH went to work, I left the car there and walked back home, sobbing all the way. I’d like to blame hormones but I’m not sure I can entirely. I felt lost, I felt naked and I felt like my soul had gone. It was truly the longest four hours of my life that I filled with yoga, a non-toddlerfied bath and housework then almost skipped back to pick him up at 12… I was 10 minutes early so had to loiter.

On arriving the manager greeted me and said he’d had a wobble but had got over it fairly quickly with the help of his Bing Bunny and that he had made a friend in another newbie and had been with him most of the morning. Of course he burst into tears when he saw me and I had the loveliest cuddle which broke me once more and he practical dragged me out the building. We then had a fab day filled with treats of swimming and pirate warfare. He’s exhausted now and snoozing next to me having just settled him. God I love this boy.

As for Peanut, all is fine there. Hugely active as usual and I’ve decided I’m going to try and get a bump belt as I’m beginning to wonder whether these pains are round ligament. As I walked back from school this morning I supported my bump with my hands and it eased the pains loads so going to see of a belt helps. Now to find one to try before I fork out for one.

102 days to go


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