DS slept until, wait for it, 0615!!!!!!!! That was a whopping 11 hours and 20 minutes!!!!!!! According to Fitbit I got a WHOPPING 8 and a half hours sleep (with a couple of wake ups and lots of prodding OH due to his snoring), that’s the 3rd time in 3 years I’ve achieved 8 hours of sleep, the 3rd! Now if he can do that every night I [might] be a very happy lady. As you can imagine I awoke in an amazing mood and ready to face the day. Of course this was slowly stripped from me due to OHs mood but for a moment there things were good πŸ˜„

Tummy still tender today, if it continues I’ll mention it to the midwife but Peanut is as active as ever so still assuming it’s growing pains. Tummy is rock solid and feels like there is no room in there so just assuming Peanut is wanting more room, hence the aches.

I have spent the day seemingly pulling muscles pretty much everywhere, in fact I’m sure I’ve pulled muscles I never knew existed, especially when I managed to pull one in my armpit… there is truly a first for everything. Damn you relaxin!!!

It’s DS’ first day at Pre-School tomorrow which I am absolutely dreading but we’ve been trying to prepare him for it today and think, for now, we’ve got past the “I don’t want you to leave me” conversation. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow, wish me luck. I’m going to be a gibbering wreck!!

Funny story for you here, had us both in stitches this morning. Thought I’d share to end today’s post with some humour.

I’ll set the scene:

Applying biooil after my bath so pretty much naked, barring my thong. DS is stood behind me and then starts wobbling my bottom…. this conversation ensued…

Me: What are you doing DS?

DS: Mummy, I like your bum

Me: Thankyou, why?

DS: It’s comfy

Me: Comfy?

DS: Yes, It’s nice and soft, and squidgey, like your booboos. I’m going to nap on it. 

DS proceeds to rest his head on bum and snore.

Children do fill the day with such hilarity and enjoyment πŸ˜‚

103 days to go


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