OH ‘gave’ me a lie-in this morning. I would demand a fanfare from you but this only came about after a blazing row last night and me reminding him that I am actually pregnant and really need more than 5 hours of sleep a night. Coupled with DS conveniently demanding that it was OH that got up he begrudgingly did. Of course DS kept coming into the bedroom meaning I only snoozed on and off but it was nice just to lie in bed (well propped up, due to pulled back muscle) and not have to do anything.

Of course this was then met with OH wanting a ‘thank you’ for doing this for me when I got up. I didn’t, of course, because I shouldn’t have to, besides he never thanks me EVERY morning when he gets a lie-in. Am I a bitch? Probably, but he’s made me that way?! 😉

Been a weird day today, very depressing weather which hasn’t helped things. Went into town to buy a backpack for DS’ first day at school and there was nothing. One HUGE drawback to living in a sleepy seaside town in North Cornwall is you have to travel for miles to get anything you might actually want. May venture to Exeter tomorrow at this rate.

Pulled muscle in stomach/side/back (still trying to determine which it is) is still really annoying me. Have had a few wobbles thinking it’s placental but Peanut is fine in there, judging by the wallops I’m getting, so I’m desperately trying to relax and not overthink it.

Ninja Warrior tonight so I’m going to try and chill watching that.

104 days to go


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