Twelfth Night

I really will be glad to see the back of winter. Terrible night with DS due to a blocked nose and not being able to breathe. Bought a Calpol Plug-In, only to discover you can’t use during pregnancy… will put it on whilst DS on own and turn off when I come to bed.

Today sees the removal of the Christmas decorations. I really hate this day. Back to the mundane, back to the dull. Cornwall is a drear enough place as it is in winter, without some sparkle it is truly depressing and now our flat has joined the dullness. Of course doing this with a Christmas-loving toddler around wasn’t much fun, as fast as I was putting baubles back in the box he was hanging them back on the tree. Cute though.


Photo credit: BabyCenter

Peanut is racing along now, it weighs approxiamately a pound and a half and measures about 13 inches in length meaning it’s roughly the size of a cauliflower (though the size of me hints more towards a cauliflower patch than a singular vegetable)

Nails are starting to form this week and it’s body is starting to plump out now that fat is depositing under the skin, which continues to pinken.

The lungs continue to develop, though still far too immature to work properly outside the womb, and the nostrils are now opening meaning Peanut can start practising ‘breathing’

Hair continues to grow and colour and texture is now discernible.   


Photo credit: Babycenter

My uterus is apparently now the size of a football, which will go halfway to explaining my enormous stomach, and is halfway between my sternum and belly button.

Starting to really notice my hair thickening which is fab.

Boobs not tender at all now, whoop, though they are trying to compete with my uterus and are fast resembling footballs themselves.

Skin is really itchy and I have experienced quite alot of stretching pains this week so the BioOil is being liberally sloshes about.

My moods are still swinging wildly and I’m finding it very difficult to tolerate things that would normally pass me by. 

Sitting is becoming more and more uncomfortable and I can’t find my exercise ball. This weekend will find me turning the shed upside down because I seriously neeeeeeeed that ball.

So, I promised it yesterday so I’m delivering today. Here’s my comparison shot. The ‘me’ on the left is 25 Weeks Pregnant with DS, the ‘me’ on the right was me today. 

That’s ok, you can pick your jaw off the floor now. I’m going to be MASSIVE by term!!!!!

105 days to go 


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