Another 0500 wake up this morning, thank god I went to bed at 2130 is all I can say.

Without this early wake up however, I would have missed out on actually watching Peanut trying to break out of the confines it currently resides in. Honestly, the movements are really strong, DS was mesmerised too and kept poking my tummy to encourage more, not that this one needs any encouragement. DS kept saying “Wow, Mummy, LOOOOOOOK”.

Had a thoroughly awesome day today, play date and swimming with DS’ bestie whom we haven’t seen much of over Christmas and he was so tired out he was asleep by 1845. Result. Though I am also aware that this will probably mean a pre-5am wake tomorrow.

Have had an update from Bovis too, regarding the new house. Apparently now the site manager is saying April but is ‘aware of our predicament’!!! Aware? AWARE? If this was a trashy American TV movie he’d have all his men working on our house at once to ‘get us in in-time for baby’, but this is England and it’s not a TV movie so right now I could cry. The tiles should be on this week but I really wanted to be in a couple of months before baby so we could settle DS without him having to deal with another HUGE change. It’s bad enough having to move and settle, but we also have to get him used to having his own bedroom and I really didn’t want this to coincide with Baby for fear of making him feel that the baby has pushed him out. I’m just now praying that the builders power on now they’ve had a nice Christmas break, and they claw back time. I have a feeling March and April are going to be seriously taxing, mentally.

I have actually located the bumpies we did with DS and it’s official, I am WAY larger this time round, but also a completely different shape. I will post a comparison shot tomorrow when I take my 25 week bumpie as currently I’m comparing with last week’s. Now I’ve found them I can do a weekly comparison, should be interesting.

106 days to go


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