Normality starts today. Thank God!

OH back at work so we can get back into a normal routine once more, well until DS starts pre-school next week (which I’m dreading).

DS has been as good as gold all day, until OH came home then he suddenly didn’t want his tea, wouldn’t do anything he’s asked, honestly it’s so mentally draining I had to walk off and calm myself down in the bedroom.

We’ve gone from a child that ate anything to one that would eat about 5 different meals to now not even eating one of them. He just wants yogurt and weetabix. I’m currently struggling to stick to my ultimatum that if he didn’t eat his dinner he’d go to bed hungry, not helped when OH is undermining me at every turn. Gah. Do you just give in simply to get them to eat, or stick to your guns and risk giving them some complex about mealtimes. Parenthood is honestly the hardest, most complex and confusing thing I’ve ever done in my life. Every decision you make you second guess because you fear you’re messing them up mentally and giving them complexes.

Is there a right way to parent? If there is, give me a clue!

As for Peanut everything continues to tick along there too. I’ve stuck to plan, Slimming World wise, today and hope that continues.

108 days to go


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