New Year’s Day

Lovely day today despite the atrocious weather. Went to see eldest brother who is also in the area and who, now we can officially announce it, has been honoured with an OBE. 

Missed the Lyme Lunge which was a real shame but didn’t much fancy standing in the cold and the rain today after waking up with the worst sore throats and headache.

Had a very interesting chat with my brother’s, friend’s, sister (you still with me?) who it turns out is the senior most midwife at Exeter hospital (where I had DS and am having Peanut) about the inducing at 38 Weeks thingy. She initially said take it but by the end of conversation said that a scan at 38 to check on placenta would be an achievable middle ground but warned me that if we took that route we may have to go in every day or every other day to have a doer ultrasound done to check on placenta. Anyway it gave me food for thought and shall do some research when DS starts pre-school so I can go into next consultant ANC armed with some decent questions so I can make a more informed decision. 

Peanut managed to scare me with lack of movements and I cursed myself for not bringing Doppler but it more than made up for it this evening and went back to it’s normal River Dance performances. I now think lack of movements was purely because it was facing backwards and I just couldn’t feel them when I was busy.

110 days to go


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