Midwife Appointment

It’s funny how things are different with second pregnancies and today has highlighted yet another. Throughout my pregnancy with DS, unless unavoidably away, OH insisted he was to never miss an appointment, to the point of being REALLY upset if he couldn’t make one. This time?…

“It’s not an important one is it, all you do is piss on a stick, don’t you? I’ll stay at home”

And there you have it in a nutshell. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s not coming, I want to voice my concerns about the consultant’s ideas and don’t want him there undermining my every word. However it is another stark difference between DS’ pregnancy and this one.

Other differences: 

Weekly ‘bumpies’ were taken by OH with DS. Now? Taken by me, on my own (or with DS hanging off my shirt tails).

Whenever I mentioned DS was moving/kicking/hiccuping OH would almost leap on my bump desperate to feel every moment and even attempt to hear his heartbeat with his ear. Now? He barely raises an eyebrow unless I actually ask if he wants to feel it.

Regular conversations were held with my bump when pregnant with DS. He would tell him where he was going, if he was going away, what he’d been doing pretty much on a daily basis. Now? I think he’s spoken to Peanut once.

I wonder whether it’s just to do with our complete detachment from each other at the moment or whether it’s the natural scheme of things after one successful pregnancy. I just find it odd.

Anyway, MW appointment went well. Peanut is growing well (on the 5th centile, according to her graph plot). Heartbeat is nice and strong. Nothing wrong with my wee or blood pressure. All is tickety boo.

We had a Christening and DS’ flu vaccine today too (busy day). I had made a previous appointment for both of us to have our vaccines a few weeks ago but due to illness I cancelled and hadn’t made another. Last week i realised with DS starting pre-school in a couple of weeks that he needed it so booked him in right away instead of waiting weeks for a joint appointment. To my surprise the uber efficient nurse, noticing my current ‘condition’ insisted she did my flu and whooping cough vaccines whilst I was there… marvellous!!! Now this is how things should be done instead of sending me away to make another appointment using up their valuable time and resources to do so. So now I’m writing this with a very sore arm, but atleast it’s out the way now.

DS wasn’t quite so impressed with snorting his vaccine though, but handled it ok, he was showered with treats afterwards so soon forgot his chagrine.

114 days to go


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