Boxing Day. 

Sorry to start on a downer but I have to mention it, not only because he was such a huge part of my youth, growing up in the 80s, and my first epic crush. Waking to the news that George Michael has passed has left me lost for words. We were only bopping along to ‘Last Christmas’ yesterday morning declaring what a great and Wham! we’re and what a talent George Michael was, totally oblivious to the knowledge that it was to be his last, this is just so unbelievably sad. Rest easy George, you were a beautiful man and will be remembered for your incredible talents for decades to come, you shaped my youth and provided the world with incredible music. 2016 has taken way too many, and many way before their time.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and spent it with loved ones.

Ours was just the three of us, as per. By 8am OH and I weren’t talking and it continued in that vein for the rest of the day due to me being ill and not tolerating his belligerent childish ways.

Anyway, DS had a marvellous day, his Playmobil pirate island was a resounding success and hasn’t done much since but play with it. He is an absolute joy to observe when so engrossed in imaginative play, I could watch it forever. He’s such a character. 

Today was marginally better, OH realised after a talk last night that my silence was well founded and he promised to try harder (to be honest I’m fed up with hearing it every year). I could understand it if I’ve had a reason to hate Christmas but simply because ‘I refuse to be happy because someone tells me I should be’ doesntcut the mustard with me, and I find it ridiculously childish and if he continues like this I shall take my children somewhere else to enjoy Christmas. I will not allow him to ruin their memories of it.

I find Christmas tough myself without my mum, and now without even a card from my dad, but I paint on a mask and enjoy it for DS. Children are what make Christmas and I want him to have the same wonderful memories that I did. Next year I hope we are well enough to attend a service or two.

Peanut has been dancing a jig all weekend, it’s either an uber active baby or it’s high on sugar after all the festive treats 😂

As of tomorrow I’m going to try and stick to plan, eating wise. Hoping to pretty much finish all the bad food tonight so tomorrow can start afresh. I’m not thanking all the chocolate based presents this year, not one bit!!! For once I miss the smellies.

Have finalised plans for a visit back home for New Year’s Eve which will be fab, just praying for good weather as Auntie has booked a beach hut on Marine Parade for the day so hoping for some NYD festivities on the beach with friends.

Symptom wise I’ve been ok, though my tummy has felt incredibly tight the last two days (Christmas food or baby? The votes are still being counted) and barring the stinking cold everything else is fine.

Praying for good weather tomorrow so we can enjoy a nice walk with friends, I’m getting cabin fever and missing the company of others (I’m not used to, nor like small Christmases one bit).

Here’s hoping.

116 days to go


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