Christmas Eve.

It’s been manic today, absolutely manic. In fact I write this at 1900hrs, whilst DS slumbers beside me and I await the transfer, and it occurs to me this is the first time I’ve stopped since 5.30 this morning.

That being said everything is now done, prepped and ready for an easy day tomorrow so we can concentrate on DS and his presents, the only thing left to do is get those presents around the tree and wait for Santa to arrive, though he gave us our main present in August when I found out about Peanut (who has been just as giddy as his/her sibling today)

All the planning, all the racing around, all the toddler bribery will soon be over. The last door of the advent calender has been opened, Santa’s plate is awaiting his imminent arrival, the last present has been wrapped. Tomorrow is the big day, a truly amazing day, the first year DS will really, truly appreciate Christmas. 

Just one thing worries me… Without Santa how on earth are we going to control our threenager after tomorrow?
118 days to go


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