Today started with a 6am Morrison’s Christmas food shop, GENIUS idea! There were about 10 shoppers in there and no queues at tills. Think I’ll do the shopping at this time every week. DS was as good as gold and charmed everyone he met, as usual, but by the time we got back he’d had about enough and had a bit of a crash so we spent the rest of the day indoors thanks to Storm Barbara’s imminent arrival.

I nipped out to do some last minute present shopping to save me and OH from ripping each other’s throats out and it seemed to work, only a couple of tiffs today!

Feeling a lot more positive today after yesterday’s mental crash and hoping it lasts until the festivities are over. Christmas is always a tough one for missing my mum as she made Christmas so special every year and I miss those big family/friends gatherings, it’s weird it just being us three but this suits OH because it’s all he knows. I love the hullabaloo that a big gathering ensues.

Anyway, here’s to some more tolerable days for the festive season.


Photo credit: BabyCenter

Peanut is around 11 inches long now and just over a pound in weight, about the size of a large Grapefruit.

Peanut is moving loads and can now clearly be felt externally, as long as it’s caught in time, both OH and DS have now felt it. DS is so cute when he does feel it and regular says… “want baby out of your tummy now please Mummy”

The skin is now red thanks to all the blood vessels developing under translucent skin and it’s lungs are developing nicely in preparation for taking its first breath outside the womb.


I plod on, feeling huge at the moment and am suffering flat tummy syndrome again (I got this with DS too).

Symptom wise no real change. Lots of tenderness on my tummy around the belly button and off to the right hand side. No hip pain for a while. Boobs still sore and nipples going REALLY dark (they actually got lighter with DS). I’m still peeing like a horse and having to readjust several times in order to completely empty bladder, then of course still need to go again 2 minutes later.

Weight.. Eek! Wait for this… 10st 5Ib which is a total gain of 1 stone 5 from conception which I think is a little much so am going to desperately try and get back on plan and start curbing the gain.

I’ve found all the tone in my legs has gone from my running and fear my arse is trying to compete with that Kardashian woman and I’m not liking it one iota. 

119 days to go


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