Terrible night here with DS. He did pretty well between 8 and 2 but before and after that his cough had us all in a tizz.

Took him to Dr this morning, of course he’s ok. Just a cold and to ride it out but no congestion in lungs so am happy. Also came away with cream for his dry skin, smells horrid but hope it’ll do the job.

He thankfully napped today for three  hours (much needed) though woke after an hour sobbing and boiling hot and ended up sleeping the rest on me in the lounge, we haven’t done that for so long it was lovely, though meant I got nothing done today.

Peanut über active today and even made DS giggle when we were having a snuggle and Peanut was kicking him in the back, he then turned round and gave my tummy a kiss. Such a sweet boy.

Thanks to a comment left by Valerie on my post yesterday (thanks again), I’m stressing less about my tender tummy though will still mention it to MW next week. Still a little concerned but happier knowing it isn’t just me and it doesn’t necessarily have to have dire consequences.

121 days to go


2 thoughts on “22 Weeks + 5

  1. Aww, what a sweetheart your little guy is. ^_^ Big brothers are so cute; my five year old is absolutely smitten with his baby sister and has been since she was in the womb.
    Hope you got more rest last night!


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