DS woke with the nastiest cough and is full of mucus. I’m praying he’s over the worst by Christmas. If he has a bad night with it tonight I’ll pack him off to the Dr tomorrow.

OH then woke up saying he had a cold, of course this has meant that I’ve spent all day racing around after both of them and had to chuckle when DS insisted on going for a walk… with OH. Yup, I wasn’t allowed (oh how I laughed as OH stomped off with him, welcome to my world… no time to be ill matey).

This all worked out marvellously as I was having an online chat with Amazon over DS’ missing main ‘Santa’ gift which was dispatched on the 9th and still showing delivery on the 16th (last Friday). Turned out there was a massive delay on stock in Denmark and no guarantees as to it getting here in time. 

Cue MASSIVE panic!

Ended up ringing local toy shop (where incidentally it is £6 cheaper – though we were using Amazon vouchers so effectively it was free) to secure their last one whilst cancelling order with Amazon and demanding a cash refund, the latter proved impossible so now I have £50 worth of voucher and am £40 out of pocket… thank you Amazon. Though the important thing is I have averted disaster and DS’ Christmas magic will remain intact. Besides, the voucher will soon be used up on house move and new baby.

Talking of Peanut… DS surprised us by wanting to hear heartbeat this morning. Of course we obliged. 160bpm though proving trickier to find as I suppose I have to be more accurate and every time I found it, it moved and I had to locate it again. I did find that on one side of my tummy (the placenta side) is really tender to touch when probing with Doppler. Now worried this is a placenta issue so am uber protective over my tummy until I speak to midwife. This coupled with the pains I’ve been getting in the same area has made me quite anxious today.

Went to Slimming World. Not as horrific as I thought even with the 6 gingerbread cookies I ate for breakfast as didntwant to ‘bulk out’ on porridge. 6 pounds gain in over a month, considering last time I went I gained 7Ib in two weeks I’m feeling quite happy about it but am spurred on to make changes and get it under control again.

122 days to go


3 thoughts on “22 Weeks + 4

  1. I’m sorry about your son being sick, hope he’s feeling better by Christmas! I had abdominal tenderness/soreness my entire third and fourth pregnancies even though nothing was actually wrong. I have no idea why the discomfort but it drove me crazy!!


    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s a very strange sensation, like it’s bruised. I suppose the consultant banging on about my age and placental degradation has me especially anxious about it. I’m sure, as you said, it’s nothing and I’m trying to concentrate on that. It’s nice to hear that it isn’t just me and that it doesn’t have a serious outcome though so thank you x

      Taking DS to Dr today just to reassure us that he hasn’t got a chest infection brewing, I’m sure all it is is a ‘virus’ though.

      Merry Christmas x

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      1. It definitely felt like bruising to me, too! When they would use the Doppler, I’d have to nearly deep breathe just to get through it. I mentioned it to the midwives so they’d be more gentle. Also, ultrasounds were rough. :/
        Hope the doctor visit goes well! Merry Christmas! 🙂


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