I swear this blog is becoming a place for me to whinge endlessly, mainly about OH. I swear he’s driving me utterly crackers and can’t wait <sarcasm> to spend the next two weeks in his company.

It’s been a day of pure misery in this house (don’t worry, Peanut is absolutely fine). Arguments, silence, back biting… ’tis the season to be jolly huh?!

DS and I enjoyed some messy play before OH woke up (who took about 3 minutes before complaining about the mess on the splash mat *rolleyes*)

OH then took DS to work for his secret Santa this morning which gave me time to cry, breathe and wrap some presents. Then he returned so I went out for a bit of Christmas shopping (not that any of the shops I wanted were open… I swear people in this town actually want to go belly up, IT’S THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS FOR LORD’S SAKE, OPEN YOUR SHOP!).

The rest of the afternoon was spent baking gingerbread cookies with DS, he loved every second (OH didn’t so much as DS was standing [safely I may add] on a chair using a cookie cutter [apparently this is like handing him a machete] *rolleyes some more*). He definitely full of another cold, bad cough and lots of mucus, just hoping he is right for Christmas.

Peanut continues to wiggle and jiggle within but I have been getting really sharp pains in my stomach again today, google assures me they’re growing pains, can’t seem to remember having these with DS but then I’ve probably forgotten those bits.

Might take DS to Drs tomorrow about his couch and skin so will just pose the question to him to reassure myself. 

123 days to go


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