Despite being quite poorly and initially struggling to transfer DS to his own bed without waking him up (then calming the resulting tears) he slept from 7pm until 5.40 and woke feeling better. Will keep a close eye on him though as his cough has worsened and am not entirely convinced another cold isn’t on the way.

OH seemed to wake in a better mood, for about 2 hours when yet another headache resulted in DS and me spending the rest of day on our own as usual, while the bear with a sore head nursed it alone which actually was fab. DS was beautifully behaved when we ran our errands and did some shopping. All this on no nap.

Talking of naps, this is the second day in a row he hasn’t napped and I’m scared he’s dropping them for good… now of all times!!!! He could have waited until the baby is born lol I’m hoping it’s because Daddy is home and he feels he doesn’t want one because the beginning of the week was largely napped in.

As for Peanut and I, I’ve had some really strange pains in my tummy today, muscular I’m reckoning on so didn’t work out today incase I’m pulling some muscles.

It’s taking all my energy not to worry it’s about the placenta. Ever since learning it’s anterior I’m terrified it’s at greater risk of damage/pulling away because it’s at the front… I know this sounds some what crazy but it’s on my mind and I’m desperately trying not to google it. I know googling will only bring up more concerns than are warranted and if there were any significant risks then the midwives etc would have told me about taking greater care. 

Am I nuts? I think I’ve established I really am!

124 days to go


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