Well writing about how well I was sleeping yesterday has gone and cursed it. Went to bed late enjoying control over the TV (discovered ‘Frequency’ on Netflix… oh my it’s good) then spent the first half hour trying to fall asleep then the rest of the night waking up for no reason at all then not being able to settle due to OH snoring. DS then woke at 5.30, despite being late to bed himself (I was introducing him to the joys of Wallace and Gromit).

I’m exhausted.

Things are pretty tense in the FH household today, DS is fighting us at every turn and, in turn, we’re fighting because of it, or it’s the other way round (probably more likely if I’m honest). Ended up throwing a hissy fit and walking off on our way into town because I just couldn’t deal with fighting them both and needed to calm down for Peanut’s sake aswell as my own. DS just wanted his Dad so I left them to it and went for a long cliff top walk. I hate this town but the Cornish rugged coastline is something to behold when on the cliffs and it was so peaceful up there, did me the world of good. 

Of course phone packed up 10 minutes after I stropped off which meant by the time I got home (several hours later) I was well and truly in the proverbial. Should make for an interesting evening cutting the atmosphere with a knife.

Hoping DS’ behaviour is down to no nap and all the aggravation and not that he’s coming down with something. It’s 1900hrs now and he’s fast asleep so hopefully a good night’s sleep should do the trick.

Haven’t really sat down today to enjoy Peanut’s movements so am fighting the Doppler urge, hoping after I’ve done tea it’ll kick into some evening action.

Here’s to a calmer day tomorrow, please God. 

 125 days to go.


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