Another busy day today, I’ll be glad when Christmas arrives at this rate. 

DS slept from 7.30pm until 6 in his own bed again last night, I’m getting used to this but still waiting for it to change.

OH is out on his work Christmas do tonight and is pissing me right off with his negative attitude. Every time he ‘has’ to go out he whinges about it (I will add here that also every time, he gets absolutely rat arsed and rolls in at gone midnight,claiming it was only 11, having had an epic time), is in a foul mood all day and makes us suffer because of it. I haven’t been out in over 3 fecking years and I have to listen to him whinging about not wanting to go out with a group of mates, it’s not like he dislikes any of them. It’s like moaning about badly seasoned food to a starving person. Every bloody time. Yet, get this, HE’S ARRANGED TO GO OUT AN HOUR AND A HALF BEFORE HE HAS TO!!!!! Obviously going to hate every second!!!! 
Makes me crazy mad. So selfish. (See ‘Me’ section below)

Anyway, rant over, onto nicer things…


Photo credit: BabyCenter

This week Peanut weighs approxiamately a pound and is around 11 inches long, about the size of a large papaya.

Although the eyes are still fused shut Peanut can now perceive light and dark and may even turn away if a bright light was shone into the womb. Ear development has stepped up too now and Peanut can now hear, I’m sure it will be well used to me shouting at DS soon and listening to DS talk EVERYTHING Pirates, I figure it’ll be born screaming ‘Arrrrrrrr’

The brain is developing and is now able to make more complex neurological connections. Sense of touch is now refined and Peanut is probably in there feeling around it’s cosy home and squeezing the umbilical cord with it’s strong grip.

Peanut’s movements are much more pronounced now and I can now feel them with my hand quite often but it’s still very faint. OH can miss it if I don’t reassure him that it was in fact a wallop from within. It is most active at between 3 and 5am, again at lunchtime when I get to sit down for half an hour, and again around 8-10pm. This is so reassuring and the Doppler rarely comes out because of it.


I’ve been feeling pretty good this week. My boobs aren’t quite so sore, thanks to DS sleeping in his own bed I’m getting nearly 7 hours of sleep a night. 

I’m still peeing like a horse with a bladder the size of a gnat and find myself going to the toilet several times in the ten minutes before leaving the house then needing to go again by the time I get to the end of our road.

My stomach has definitely been on a growth spurt, my skin feels stretched and is incredibly itchy, which biooil seems to be helping slightly.

Still getting quite a bit of discharge which can send me into a panic if I feel a large amount ‘arrive’ until I visit the toilet and discover all is well.

I’m much happier now I can feel Peanut’s movements and because it is as regular as clockwork it’s even better.

I’ve been trying to eat healthier this week and intend on popping along to Slimming World on Tuesday, despite dreading stepping on the scales. I know I’m pregnant but I have spent so long losing weight I can’t help feeling disgusted with the gains I’m getting and if I’m honest this is the reason I haven’t been for a few weeks and the longer I leave it, the worse it’s going to seem so wish me luck.

I’ve been working out every morning whilst DS is being happily entertained by YouTube Kids (bad parenting moment right there) but trying to do yoga whilst a three year old inserts pirates into my pants isn’t the ideal route to achieving total calm and relaxation. 

I am becoming increasingly intolerant of negativity at the moment, especially OH’s constant negative attitude. It’s like my filter has been totally removed and I make absolutely no apologies for it 😬

126 days to go


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