Another successful night in his own bed last night. I’m afraid to think he’s cracked it though and am waiting for the onset of another cold to send us reeling back to square 1 again.

I was extremely achy yesterday, in fact it was more sharp pains, like stitches, in my abdomen than an ache. Did send me a little into turmoil but Peanut’s movements are still pretty darn regular so I am trying not to worry, plus they seem to have gone today so am trying to conclude that I must have pulled a muscle at some point… probably hanging the final decorations.

I am truly amazed at how mobile this baby is, it feels like it’s doing a double performance of River Dance most of the time and kicks can now be felt quite often with my hand. Still trying to get DS to catch it in time though.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. Have energy back now, well enough to be doing workouts everyday but can’t stop eating….

ALL the bad things!!!!

129 days to go


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