DS only went and did it again… in his own bed until 6.30am!!! I was awake at 5 being kicked by Peanut so got up and decided to use the opportunity to do a workout without a toddler using me as a climbing frame. Another busy day today with toddler swimming and a trip down to the Eden Project ( to activate our local’s pass) so here’s hoping for another night tonight.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I bumped into a lady at the library yesterday who I actually haven’t spoken to in probably two years. When I first met and spoke to her we were at the baby weigh-in stay and play at the Children’s Centre and I discovered she’d had her baby shortly after she turned 50. Anyway she approached me in the library and congratulated me on pregnancy and asked how everything was going. Bless her for remembering all the miscarriages and my age after only a couple of conversations but it obviously got onto what the consultant said. She was also told that she would have to be induced at 38 Weeks (and she would have been 7 years older than I am now) but ended up having a c-section due to them saying her baby wasn’t growing due tomplacental degradation. Of course she agreed for the best of her baby but on investigation of her placenta after birth there was nothing wrong with it.

Which brings to mind two questions… one, why now at 43 are my risks so much higher that they want to induce at 38 Weeks whereas when I was 40 it was on due date. And two, why were her risks so much higher still at 50 yet they still said 38 Weeks.

It’s all so confusing. 

131 days to go


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