I needn’t have fretted about Peanut yesterday, as soon as I posted yesterday I’ve never felt it jiggle around so much, there it was doing a funky jig for about 40 minutes. This was repeated this evening whilst we were out having dinner and later after DS went to bed and to the point I felt it externally, as did OH when he put his hand on my tummy. This is such a relief that I can now definitely feel it.

Actually met up with my friend who we booked with today and it was ok, a little awkward to start with but then absolutely fine. Talked to her about what the consultant said and instantly she got it. Why is it that the women I speak to get it but OH doesn’t? 

In other news DS slept through until 6.30 which has left me with a blinding headache all day due to too much sleep (a whole 6 hours 52 minutes!!!). Had a good last full day at Center Parcs despite DS falling, tripping, face planting and head butting everything. He’s now left with a massive bruise on his cheek and covered in bruises, hoping for another good night tonight, I think he needs it after an emotional day.

134 days to go


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