I looked at it when I was packing.

I looked at it, picked it up, and put it down again. Idiot.

I really wish I’d packed the Lactulose. My bowels have given up due to bad eating while I’ve been here. Have ordered a takeaway curry tonight so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

My hips and knees have also been agony the last two nights meaning I’ve barely slept despite DS sleeping relatively well but then he’s been in a big bed so getting him back into his toddler bed when we get home will be fun.

The toddler tantrums evaded us today … thank god, I was about to run away. Took him to have his first official Santa visit today, it was BEAUTIFUL. In fact it was so lovely I very nearly burst into tears when I saw him, the grotto was so well organised as beautifully decorated, I was transported back to that magical time when I was a child and it very nearly got too much for the hormones. DS of course was star struck and took a while to warm to him but once he did he didn’t shut up and eventually came and sat on my knee but wouldn’t venture onto Santa’s. The package included a gift and a photo which I also got made into a beautiful bauble for the tree. 

We even bumped into the friend we’d booked the holiday with before everything got a bit weird. Was nice to see her but not sure she really wanted to see us for whatever reason, such a shame because I do miss our friendship so very much and have no idea why it’s turned sour. 

It has truly been a magical day only marred by my worry re: peanut and that tummy strain yesterday. Have just checked in with the Doppler though and everything appears fine so I can relax again for a while.

Elf Hunt tomorrow so praying for sunshine.

135 days to go.


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