What a busy day it was yesterday but we’re here, nicely ensconced in our little 2 bed (yes, DS has his own room) house in the forest at Longleat Center Parcs. Seeing as this is the first year he’s feeling the Christmas magic, seeing his face light up at all the decorations is divine.

As soon as we arrived (pretty much bang on check in time) we unpacked, put up the decorations and headed off for a swim in the dark. It was brilliant until DS fell off a cliff and after heading round the supermarket his behaviour plummeted into hell child status.

We have discovered (and we hope this is the case) that we think he gets hangry so today I’m going to change up his routine where food is concerned and hope that this makes for an improvement. Watch this space.

Pulled a muscle (well I hope it was) in my stomach whilst in the pool with DS today so feel a bit apprehensive that things are going to be ok. Don’t get me wrong I’ve felt Peanut moving since but I’m still suffering a little but with sharp pains in that region. Desperately trying not to over think it.

136 days to go


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